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Featured Tank

This months feature tank belongs to:

Mark S. from Memphis, TN

Info on Mark and his tank:


I've been in the aquarium hobby since 1980 and started with marine fish in 1984 with a 55 gallon FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) tank.  I currently keep a 90 gallon reef tank in my office and a 29 Biocube at home. My latest reef aquarium was purchased from a local hobbyist, who will be entering the military.  Most of the corals have been established for several years, but have been added to in past several months. The tank is a 150 gallon Aqueon with a Tsunami sump, Magnus 2 part doser, Diablo protein skimmer, Little Fishies phosban reactor and Tsunami ATO.  There are 2 MP40 Ecotech power heads and a third Korallia head.  The lighting is provided by 3 Radion Gen 3 fixtures and are mounted on a Reef Koi light bridge.  All Ecotech equipment is synced to my Reeflink. 


The cabinet was custom designed and built in my workshop.  I wanted it higher than the stock cabinet to allow for better viewing, access, airflow and lighting.  The center post allowed the sump to  be removable, but required additional structural support.  The cabinet is vented in the back and LED lighting is top mounted.  The inside was sprayed white to increase visibility and the bottom 3 inches were sealed with waterproof Flexfoam. The exterior was sprayed with an air gun with a durable gloss latex paint. 


There is a wide selection of Chalice, Zoas, Cyphastrea, Montiporas, Trumpets, Cynarina, Acans, Scolys, Acropora, Millipora and Blastomussa in the tank.  The fish include a Powder blue, Sailfin, Bristletooth and Vlamangi Tang.  A Candystripe Hogfish, Melanarus Wrasse, Orange Spot Rabbitfish and Black Ice Clownfish keep my Snowflake Eel company.

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