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Regular Membership

Family Membership

Payment of membership dues does not automatically grant membership.  Once payment is made you will be contacted by a member of the Board of Directors to verify membership information and that all requirements of the selcted membership are met.  Upon successful verification you will receive a membership card and access to the member only pages of this site.  In the event that verification is unsuccessful for any reason, an immediate refund will be processed.  All levels of membership are renewed on an annual basis and renewal will be based on the date of membership.  Annual dues are to be paid in full prior to the expiration of the Membership in order to be considered an "Active Member" and elibible for club benefits.



- 18 years of age or older

- Not a currently enrolled student

- Active or interested in the Marine Aquarium hobby


Dues:  $30 Annually


- Meets all requirements of "Regular Membership"

- Consists of two immediate family members

     - spouse, partner, or child

Dues:  $50 Annually

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Student Membership


- Under 18 years of age

- Actively enrolled in school

Dues:  $20 Annually


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Sponsor Membership

- For businesses or groups interested in a Sponsor membership, please contact the Board of Directors at

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